Codinex, Networking & Network Administration

At Codinex, We create fully connected Systems so you can focus on your business and work processes.

Trust Codinex with all your networking projects/tasks and you will enjoy the fruits.

At Codinex, we also do Networking and Network Adminstration training. Come and be part of the dynamic and compentent Network guy in the city.

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Network & Connectivity

At Codinex, we do networking and connectivity of all Network supported devices in ways you have not imagined/seen.

Printer Sharing

We connect all your Computers to one printer and print from one source wirelessly hence reducing saging and shabby wires in your office or workplace.

Resource Sharing

We connect all your computing devices to share resources like, files, folders, music, videos, desktops, computers, among others.

WiFi and MiFi Setup

We configure and setup WiFi and MiFi devices to LAN, WAN and MAN networks at your office, home, business and mobile

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