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Free Computer Servicing Day [FCSD] 24-06-2023

Codinex invites all its clients to a scheduled FCSD to service all your computers. Bring all your computers for dust blowing, cleaning, windows installations and updates, antivirus installations, computer repair and consultation
codinex Computers

Web Design

Get your business online and enjoy convenience, grow your business, attract more customers, get more leads...
Internship Session

Industrial Training October – December 2022

Internees in session of Programming. Programming is fun and enjoyable as you can see the happy coding faces. Come and be part of our hands on training at Codinex Computers Ltd.

Industrial Training September – October 2022

Welcome to Codinex Computers Ltd for your hands on Internship practice. Feel at home Codinex is home and Codinex needs more of you.
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