Computer Applications

Join Codinex for a one month practical computer session and feel the ability in you. We shall surely be of a greasy added value in your life. Codinex is the only trusted place to train computer applications.
Talk of General knowledge of using a computerMS Word (typing letters, proposals, reports etc), MS Excel (calculations and charts), MS PowerPoint (presentations), MS Publisher (design your own personal business cards, invitation cards etc) MS Access (create your own business database and forms) and how to use Internet, Social media and Emails.
Join us and you will become a different person. This world is driven by IT and changes on a daily sunrise. We are here for you.

Skills for Life

Earn yourself a favour by getting the best basic computer skills to help you achive greatness in you computer career path.


You will be a ble to achieve and accomplish many tasks effortlessly and professionally


You will be able to know how a computer works and processes information electronically

World-Class Productivity

You will achieve very many benefits in this world of technology with your certificate in computer applications.

You will satnd out from the crowd as the best IT guy in computer applicability

Fast & Easy Work

With this certificate and the skills gained, you will be able to work out any computer task effortlessly

Create Result

With the gained skills, you will be able to create clean results that are easily understandable to the client(s)


In this package, you will be trained in various latest Microsoft products such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint and MS Publisher with added day to day personal and work skills in Email usage, browsing the internet and Basics of Computer security

MS Word

For writing reports, letters and all types of documents

MS Excel

For performing calculations, data analysis , visual/graphical data representation and fore casting

MS Access

For creating database so as to manage information centrally, generate reports and so much more

MS PowerPoint

For creating presenations such as projects, course works, assignments, bids, data analysis, among other presentations

MS Publisher

For creating calendars, business cards, invitation letters, certificates, Identity Cards, stickers among other graphics

Emails and Browsing

You will be able to create an email account, use it to send and receive information, send emails professionally, browse the internet for information among other skills

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