Known Computer Virus

Gero Virus

Last year around November, i received a call from a friend of mine, he well knows that as far as computer security is concerned, i am to a good level. He actually calls me an expert, but to me, am no where to expert level in computing. If i say i am, then, what will McAfeeKaspersky and the related security guys say? Probably they might come down and hunt me yet i still want my easy life.

Ok, his computer was infected by a virus well known as GERO, in one of the images i’ve posted, u will realise that i circled the file type of gero, despite that the original file types are PDF, WORD and POWERPOINT files. GERO virus attacks each and every file on the computer (the hard disk), whether images, music, documents, compressed folders e.t.c. and encrypts it prompting you to open with GERO application, definitely which is impossible. I tried researching about it and on how this can be solved but all in vain, all possible sources of solutions from online help and a few comrades that we share security knowledge together i tried, we could not yield any good results.

The question now says, what did i do then having realised that no solution was going to help?
The answer is an amateur one to my level of security level coz it was my last option. First, i had to give feedback to the client on the bad news and what i was going to do such that i get consent from him. Then, i had to carry on fresh installation of windows operating system and he had to lose each and every content that he ever had saved on his machine. Too bad for sure coz data stored is always precious to a computer owner.

Now, it happened again, yesterday 5th February 2020, i received another computer of related virus. But this time, it was one computer with two file types, ALKA and REPP. I researched about them too with respect to an idea about GERO but still the same story. Some possible solution i used are on this link…/… though could not help at all.

After fresh installation of windows, i recommended a strong antivirus which happens to be Kaspersky such that i have my clients secured of virus coz kaspersky has the capability to monitor your online access and blocks some site links that seem malicious. So my friends who still use ebyobwelele (free antivirus), its time u had annual budget of an antivirus to your computer. Or else, switch to LINUX operating system – Virus free as said, thou also has its own hicarps. At Codinex Computers Ltd we can have you protected against virus attacks by use of a trusted antivirus.
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