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What is it about Intel’s Core i9 processor?

For years, Intel’s Core processor series has had three performance tiers: i3, i5, and i7. But after several disappointingly small performance iterations, Intel announced a new king of the CPU: the Core i9 processor. Waoo!!!! Let's check, what's new on the tech game.

Generations of computer

Definition of Generation

How do free apps make money?

Free apps do make money but there is something that we should bear in mind. The right question to ask ourselves is; how do they make money?

New Ransomware Not Just Encrypts Your Android But Also Changes PIN Lock

DoubleLocker—as the name suggests, it locks device twice.

Security researchers from Slovakia-based security software maker ESET have discovered a new Android ransomware that not just encrypts users’ data, but also locks them out of their devices by changing lock screen PIN.

On top of that:

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