CODiNEX Uganda


Codinex started its journey way back in 2012 with the aim of changing your world of Technology the proprietors had it in mind that no matter what, codinex was meant to change te face of uganda's technology by now.Now codinex has stood out on its promise and down the years many software programes have been developed under codinex, technology service providers for over 1000 personal clients and 500 business clients.

Faith in the almighty
We believe in a supreme being who guides and leads us towards the achievement of our business goals.
We lead by example through our corporate advocacies and display professionalism in our dealings with both stakeholders and employees who inspire, motivate, and drive us to achieve our vision.

We develop to solve a challenge
We focus on challenges that face communities around us. We continue to adhere to the highest ethical standards, honoring our commitments and promises.
Customer satisfaction
As an old saying of, the customer is the boss. It's in our DNA that a customer's needs come first